Data Management


Whether it’s understanding short-term and long-term process capabilities, reviewing quality trends, or evaluating equipment performance over time, having the ability to take a data-driven approach to decision making is critical in maximizing operational efficiency.

Originating as an automotive supplier, the importance of data collection as well as its retention and utilization has long been a large part of Husco AMG’s manufacturing strategy. Understanding which processes are critical, which data needs to be retained, serialization techniques, and how to connect data between various processes and a final product are all challenges to proper data usage, both with manual and highly automated equipment.

Using RFID tracking, 2D barcoding, database storage, and other tools and techniques, we can develop a comprehensive plan to capture and store data in a format that can be easily used and displayed. For critical processes, we also have the ability and expertise to utilize data for statistical process control, as needed.