Fully Automated Assembly Machine Retrofit


Case: Upgrade two similar assembly lines to reduce cycle time, improve throughput, and increase equipment robustness to improve overall uptime. Minimize downtime due to machine currently running at full capacity.

Result: New drop-in module designed and integrated into each line, replacing a cluttered system with 2 presses and a 5-gripper gantry system, with a single servo press and 2 robots. The design allowed the module to be programmed and debugged prior to installation. Full integration completed in less than 2 weeks of downtime per machine. Capacity increased from 1,900,000 to 2,300,000 units per year. Noticeable improvement in uptime and equipment serviceability.

The upgrade included the following modifications for each machine:

  • One new and one existing bowl feed system for product infeed
  • Robotic placement of both components to press stations
  • Servo press control with force vs. distance monitoring
  • Robot placement of finished product to existing palletized system
  • New electrical enclosure with easy integration to the existing electrical system
  • Modified machine guarding to enclose new equipment footprint

Devices and Software Utilized:

  • Vibromatic custom designed bowl feeding system
  • Rockwell Automation PLC & machine control
  • Epson G-series robots
  • Promess servo press and control