Fully Automated Testing System


Case: Develop a machine that can concurrently test four unique product designs with four unique test specifications, maintaining both performance and cleanliness requirements. Overall machine output of 1,700,000 units per year.

Result: Fully automated machine designed and implemented with the following processes:

  • Automated product infeed
  • Incoming 2D barcode scan to determine product type
  • Robotic placement to 1 of 12 unique test systems
  • Full hydraulic test with evaluation for all performance metrics, product dependent
  • Laser serialization for future identification
  • Vision inspection for presence of serialization
  • 360-degree contamination flush for product cleanliness
  • Automated outfeed to correct shipping tray, product dependent

Devices & Software utilized:

    • Rockwell Automation PLC & machine control
    • Epson G-series robots
    • Cognex vision system
  • Cognex barcode reader
  • National Instruments LabVIEW software for hydraulic test control
  • Datalogic laser